Understand the mindset of your customer and teams

Drive excellence efforts with qualitative and quantitative feedback so your insight is customer centric.

Strategize to align to customer value

Deploy tools that ensure the right choices to drive customer loyalty and business growth.

Build work force

Spark team excellence with creative tools, skills and an unwavering focus on customers.

Recalibrate to maintain the momentum

Build sustainable customer value by keeping track of needs and performance.


We amplify your bottom line with our 360° service excellence toolkit

We understand different industries and market challenges which is why our decade long experience tracking and enabling excellence, allows us to offer packages that suit to different businesses drive growth.

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years of experience

We’ve tracked service for over a decade so you can make excellence your strategic weapon.


listed brands

Our independent customer satisfaction index is 100% consumer powered and the only one in the Arab world.


annual visitors

We consistently perform as the trusted source of brand's performance.

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Backed by independent advisory council

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We are objective


Member of ESOMAR

a balanced measuring beam

Our surveys and analysis are impartial


National customer satisfaction index in the Arab world

Our cornerstones are credibility and integrity. We run a 100% consumer powered rating and review platform. We validate all reviews to improve experiences and create mutual value for consumers and companies alike.

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Brands whose excellence practices
we helped shape

The Cheesecake Factory
Gulf bank
Royale Hayat
Papa Johns
Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
Best Al Yousifi
Boubyan bank
warba bank
Dubai Islamic bank
American Eagle
and more...

Tailored for you.

Service Hero retainers cater to your needs whatever your size. Choose across four stages to help your excellence journey.
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Excellence starts with a good grasp of your team's and customers' mindset.

  • Customer insights (CSI, focus groups, mystery shopping, polls, in-depth interviews, social listening)
  • Staff insights (focus groups, CEI, in-depth interviews)

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We facilitate the strategic work to help draw up plans that align with building customer value.

  • Customer focus (strategy maps, customer journey maps, four forces matrix)
  • Staff focus (service level targets, slogan, excellence framework workshop, value chain assessment)

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Excellence is sparked with team passion, creativity, skills and an unwavering focus.

  • Consult on customers (vision, mission and values, ideation platform)
  • Consult on staff (internal communication, innovation programs, service standards, staff reward)
  • Staff training (ABC’s of service, dealing with conflict, coaching & mentoring, grooming leaders)

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We help you overcome the biggest challenge in performance by maintaining the momentum.

  • Customer insight (channels and platform review, mystery shopping, focus groups, standards audits, CSI dashboard)
  • Staff insight (Culture of Excellence Index, customer segments promise)

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Empowered by dynamic tracking

Service Hero Dashboard allows access to our independent reporting platform based on 100% authentic customers ratings

View current and past CSI results

Get real-time insights to track performance.

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Filters and segmentation

Select views by segment, dimension, or loyalty.

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Competitive analysis

Compare your brand to your category peers.

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Our Service Heroes

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