About the CSI

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As an independent organization, Service Hero’s aim is the advancement of service standards in the region. Since 2010, we have been running our voting platform to measure and track overtime a brand’s relationship with consumers. This allows strengths and weaknesses to be highlighted and addressed to improve through a series of measures.

We have measured over 350,000 consumer voices on the Service Hero Customer Satisfaction Index, covering over 400 private sector companies in Kuwait and the UAE each.

Throughout the years, our experience and knowledge has established trustworthy, long-term relationships with businesses. We champion building a strong service culture for internal stakeholders in order to strengthen the bond with customers. Through meticulous effort and communication with our clients, we provide support to understand, strategize, build, and recalibrate your services to meet and exceed your consumers needs.

Our evolving vision is to be the leading authority on service quality rates, standards, and practices in the region. Our beliefs ensure that we provide credible results with integrity and relevance to your business and consumers.