CSI measurements & benefits

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What the index measures
The Service Hero Customer Satisfaction Index measures the key drivers for service and adheres to the American Customer Satisfaction Index standards. The Index measures over 400 private sector brands in Kuwait and UAE using the following 8 service dimensions:
Reliability, speed, product quality, value, location, staff quality, call center and website.

The Index also asks you to rate overall satisfaction, loyalty and comparison to an ideal.

Ratings are made using a 10 point scale on two levels:

  1. Expected service before being served
  2. Actual experience after being served

Finally, open ended comments allow you to share additional feedback.

Who the index benefits
As the regions only 100% consumer-driven satisfaction index, the Service Hero Index helps shape customer service on two levels:

Are empowered to rate and shape the level of everyday service they receive. By participating in the Service Hero Index, consumers can:

  1. Be part of the only online survey in the Arab world to measure customer service standards
  2. Take an active roll in measuring, reporting and improving service standards in the region
  3. Utilize a direct link to praise or criticize companies they interact with on a daily basis
  4. Enter a chance to win weekly prizes