CSI validity & compliance

The Service Hero Index employs the following to ensure results which are statistically relevant and reliable:

Reviewer authentication

A number of measures ensures only authentic assessments are included in the Index. These include identity confirmation as well as IP and phone number cross-referencing, among others.

Statistical rigor

A minimum of 300 ratings per service category is required for a category to be included in the Index.

Independent Advisory Council

The Council is comprised of leading academic institutions and neutral business professionals with no commercial interests in the Index findings. Its function is to supervise the assessment and to ensure fair and empirical results that adhere to international procedures and norms.

Procedural standards

Service Hero is a member of ESOMAR, adhering to international market research protocols.

Star ratings & trend calculation

Star ratings are based on a rolling 24 month assessment period. They are calculated using a standard deviation of the annual Service Hero National Customer Satisfaction Index. Trend lines are based on a rolling 12 month assessment period. All data is subject to periodic cleanup and authentication procedures and may vary slightly with time.

Individual users are the foundation of our results. Using rigorous analytical and filtration methodologies, Service Hero does its reasonable best to subject user feedback to its validation protocols and data analysis logic as applied by its indexing system platform, providing statistical accuracy and impartiality in its reporting. Legal disclaimer


Our database is backed by 256-bit SSL encryption which is referenced against a backup database.