Training ensures everyone understands their responsibilities, and the knowledge and skills they need to do their jobs. This enhances their confidence and improves their overall performance – especially if supported by rewards and constant communication on service excellence.

We offer four independent training modules:

This session is designed to primarily introduce and refresh your team on service essentials to enable your company’s excellence strategy. By emphasizing service basics via interactive games, videos and role play scenarios, the message is about having fun with a topic that we already understand but fall short of delivering. Take the first step and start a cultural change from within.

What will be covered:
1. Expectation vs. perception
2. Defining excellence
3. Communication skills
4. Prepping for your day
5. Choosing the right attitude
6. Understanding types of customers
7. Handling angry customers

This session is designed to address and understand why customers complain, and how your organization’s staff attitude, services and processes can directly and indirectly trigger angry customer behaviors. By emphasizing service basics via interactives, videos and roleplay scenarios, the message is about having empathy, understanding the different customer behaviors, and looking at complaints as gifts.

What will be covered:
1. Expectation vs. perception
2. Communication skills
3. Knowledge is power
4. Time management
5. Ego vs. empathy
6. Understanding types of customers
7. Diffusing difficult situations

What makes a great leader and knowing how to inspire people are some of the greatest talents a person can master. Through practicing several skills, you too can become an effective leader. Tap into this highly interactive course to understand the nuances of when to lead vs. when to coach vs. when to mentor and allow your staff to make decisions. We practice real life scenarios to help you find the leader within you.

What will be covered:
1. Introspection: applying the Service Hero Trinity of Excellence
2. Coach and mentor: applying the 5 techniques of Communicate, Construct, Empathize, Decide (C.C.E.D)
3. Situational leadership

The goal is to enable handpicked future leaders to effectively present themselves with confidence and poise as they represent their organization. This course imparts tools and techniques on how to understand your audience master speech apprehension and develop greater passion and confidence. Trainees leave the course with a specific action plan and videotape of their individual presentations along with an evaluation that will help improve their presentation skills. Individuals spend the days in a combination of lecture, role play, video recording and presentation to their peers.

What will be covered:
1. Building the presentation structure
2. Creating slides to maximize effectiveness
3. Avoiding presentation pitfalls
4. Building rapport with the audience
5. Demonstrating confidence
6. Responding to Q&A
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