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The Engagement Pro Dashboard allows you to access over 20 key metrics that drive service excellence based on 100% authentic consumer ratings.

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Dimension overview

View which service dimensions excel and which need improvement.

Competitive analysis

Measure yourself against your competition and action change to bridge the gap.

Manage consumer loyalty

Compare your consumers loyalty to your brand and your competitors and their likelihood to recommend.

Interact with your consumers

Respond, flag, and sort consumer comments for deeper insight.

Customized layout

Customize the dashboard homepage with the most important KPIs for easy viewing.

Complaint resolution

Review consumer complaints for follow up.

Key changes over time

Compare past with present satisfaction to view improvements or areas of decline.

Demographic breakdown

Determine which demographics groups require attention and align your marketing communication to improve these segments.

Align your strategy with KPIs

Grasp the mindset of your customers and team with a combination of qualitative and quantitative feedback to build customer-centric programs.

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